To achieve the above, specific objectives determined by work packages were to:

  • Make inventories of birth cohorts, including; health data; exposure data; biological
    samples; environmental exposure response functions; expertise and access;
  • Assure quality and interoperability and validate exposure, health and exposure-
    response data through extraction and rigorous evaluation of quality of the data,
    (including developing protocols describing the strategic approach); evaluation of
    opportunities and validation/testing studies (through case studies);
  • Obtain data access, build databases, and conduct analysis including setting up
    protocols for data access database building and analyses; setting up protocols for
    exposure response analyses; conducting specific analyses on exposure and health data
    to obtain exposure response functions (through case studies) and conducting specific
    meta/pooled analyses to obtain exposure response functions (through case studies);
  • Make recommendations for data collection in the future to improve environment-
    health linkages and information for data collection (exposure, health etc), possible
    analyses (laboratory and statistical) and exchange of knowledge between older and
    newer cohorts;
  • Disseminate information to the scientific community, policy makers and general public
    through a project website, virtual network, workshops, easy accessible info and a
    database with exposure response functions.