ENRIECO Dissemination strategy

Workpackage 6 - Deliverable 8

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Protocol for indoor exposures (ETS and dampness) and allergy and asthma case study

ENRIECO WP5 - Deliverable Number 7 

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Evaluation of the existing environmental exposure response data, methods and tools, including assurance of quality and interoperability, and data access.

Work Package 4

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Evaluation of health outcomes

ENRIECO Work package 3

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Evaluation of existing environmental exposure information, methods and tools, including assurance of quality and interoperability, and data access, analysis and validation, and make recommendations.

ENRIECO Work package 2

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Protocol for Database Building

ENRIECO WP5 - Deliverable Number 6

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ENRIECO - Brochure

ENRIECO: Environmental Health Risks in European Birth Cohorts

Advancement of knowledge on specific environment and health causal relationships in pregnancy and birth cohorts by providing support to exploitation of the wealth of data generated by past or ongoing  studies funded by the EC and national programmes

A project conducted within the EuropeanUnion's 7th Framework Programme -Theme 6, Environment

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This is the first issue of the ENRIECO Newsletter. ENRIECO is a coordination action aiming to bring together cohorts with environment and health information, share resources, expertise and experience in this area, extract environmental exposure response relationships, where available, and evaluate the information and build common databases to explore environmental exposure response relationships, where possible and needed.

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Dissemination Strategy - WP6

Dissemination Strategy - ENRIECO

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